Not long ago my brother took an interest in workout


my ‘nhdr’ on Instagram

What is your main source of nutrition? Protein or balanced protein with carbs. Because really all you guys have amazing strength and agility. The balancing. Really core strength! An example to all us fitness seekers in the world. 😊

Me answered:

The main source of energy and strength for us - it’s cereals, natural proteins such as fish and chicken. Also there are many of us use the synthesized protein for muscles growing faster, but it is for more about the professionals and yard guys usually enough that cooked their mother or grandma :P

I am feeling tired because I have been up and around since five o’clock in the morning

Roman is always eager to air his views on any subject under the sun

I keep in mind the phrase ‘You can’t please everyone’, so I never try to do it

I decided to zero in on diet first